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Dr. Javed Jamil
Dr. Javed Jamil

Dr. Javed Jamil: Powerful Thinker, Writer and Islamic Scholar on Mission “Demolish New World Order”

Dr. Javed Jamil may well be regareded as one of the most powerful thinkers of the current times in the Islamic world. On one hand he has launched an ideological onslaught against the scientific and social philosophies of the New World Order and their devastating impact on humanity and is presenting alternative Islamic paradigms; on the other hand he is busy preparing plans for comprehensive empowerment of Muslims. His concerns are for the whole humanity and he presents Islam not just for Muslims but for the benefit of the whole mankind. If he dreams of an empowered and united Muslim Ummah, it is not because he wants them to dominate but because he wants them to work for the humanity under the guidance of Divine System seeking cooperation of all the religious communities and right minded people. His works cover a long range of fields, from medicine to religion, social issues including economics, current affairs, physics, political sciences, philosophy, literature (Urdu poetry) and planning.


When President Obama after his election delivered his speech to the Muslim World and an organisation was summonbed to collect the views of 100 prominent world Muslims, Dr. Jamil was the only Muslim analyst from Indian subcontinent invited by the American organisation, to give his views. He had said,


“"We will, however, relentlessly confront violent extremists who pose a grave threat to our security. Because we reject the same thing that people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children. And it is my first duty as President to protect the American people." America can avenge the killing of 3000 Americans by killing 2 millions of Muslims. Tell me how Muslims can and should avenge the killing of 2 million Muslim innocents by Americans? If America cannot tolerate the extremist Muslims, why should Muslims tolerate the extremist America? I do not mean to say that revenge is the best policy, but if the US can talk of fighting the "extremists," why should not Muslims talk of fighting the "extremist" states like Israel and America?"  (Thoughts on President Obama's Speech by 100 Arab & Muslim Leaders)


He was also the first Indian Islamic scholar invited by Iranian Government for its annual Qur’anic Exhibition and Conference, which takes place every year since Iranian Revolution.


He was also the only Indian scholar invited in the Third International Conference on Islamic Media jointly hosted by WML, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Govt. of Indonesia at Jakarta in 2013.


He was the first Indian Muslim scholar to write a booklet supporting Family Planning from Islamic viewpoint, albeit with rejection of many components of the international family planning programme. His book, “Islam and Family Planning” published in 1994 created huge curiosity and was described by the majority of traditional and Islamic scholars as a balanced work based on correct methodology. 



2. Man of Theories


Dr. Javed Jamil can very well be called a man of theories. He has propounded several unconventional theories in different fields. Though it can be argued that almost all his major works are rooted in Islamic principles, he has presented his theses both in secular as well as Islamic framework. It is no wonder that he distinguishes Atheistic Secularism from Religious Secularism, as will be elaborated later. Some of his remarkable theories are as follows:


2.1 Theory of Economic Fundamentalism


Dr Javed Jamil has waged a ruthless war of attrition against what he calls “economic fundamentalism”, which he defines as the ideology that gives predominance to economics over all other spheres of life, without caring for its devastating effects on health, family peace and social order. He says:


Wealth has a central position in economics. But economic fundamentalism tends to regard it as the most, not just one of the most essential requirements of life. The business community has throughout the world and for ages always cared little for anything but its own economic interests. But businessmen of the past made only individual efforts in that direction and had little influence over happenings in their surroundings. They were cranes that would use their cunning eyes to capture the prey when it came close to them and not leopards that would roar their way through a forest in search of their preys.  They did not have any say in political and administrative affairs; the law of the land safeguarded the interests of the common people, or the interests of rulers. During the last few centuries, especial­ly in the wake of Industrial Revolution, businessmen have organised themselves into an aggressive, domineering, dextrous, ingenious and inexorable class. It has wrongfully or rightfully but successfully mastered all the new information, techniques and opportunities available to it for the protection and expansion of its interests. This is where economic fundamentalism begins to emerge. Now, businessmen, unlike in the past, are no more weak and submissive. They are not cranes any more but leopards that want to rule and roar. They have not only learned to assert themselves but have perfected the skill to push their plans defying all obstacles that may come in their way. Not any longer are they bootlickers of the rulers they used to be; they have now mastered the art of manoeuvring them into submission. From sycophants they used to be they have now positioned themselves in a way that rulers and administrators often become their sycophants. Not any more are they silent followers of the rule of law; they have become articulate votaries of such modifications in the legal system as better suit their interests. They have ceased to be introverts seeking comfort in solitude; they now socialise in a way that gives them a plateau of eminence in society; and of course the economic monopoly. Still they sacrifice moles for gaining mountains in return. It is this assertive, ag­gressive, cunning, provident and ruthlessly selfish approach towards economics that breeds what I have termed Economic Fundamentalism…..


The think-tank of the world of economic fundamentalism has taken innumerable steps to strengthen their hold. They have sacrificed the goddess of justice before the eyes of Statue of Liberty. They have transformed through political manoeuvres the state into their estate. They have incessantly and relentlessly been trying to organise a grand farewell for religion. They have captivated the imagination of the people through the media. They have got the attire of society redesigned so that it looks gorgeous and inviting to their eyes. They have industrialised sex, in which they have discovered the hen that always lays golden eggs. They have relocated the entire educational set-up on the Wall Street.  They have monopolised the tree of economy whose fruits and shadows are only theirs; others can only admire its beauty from a safe distance. They have taken science and technology as their mistresses who are always keen to offer their glorious best to them. They have nipped all the challenges in the buds by masterminding popular movements. They have lynched ‘civilisation’, which has been given a new incarnation; and now Bohemians are called civilised. Last but not the least, they have been busy colonising the good earth in the name of globalisation.”


The theory of Economic Fundamentalism runs through almost the entire range of his works. Even when he discusses Islam and its role in the current world, he pitches it against the ideology and forces of economic fundamentalism, which he holds responsible for almost every problem of the current world. Specifically, he targets the Commercialisation of sex as the most dangerous offshoot of economic fundamentalism.


2.2 Peace Economics


Dr Jamil proposes “peace Economics” as the economic doctrine that must replace Economic Fundamentalism. Peace Economics is the ideology that seeks to achieve Economic and Social development without undermining the objectives of Grand Peace, which he defines as a comprehensive state comprising health of the individual, family peace and social order. The objectives of the economic set-up envisaged in accordance with this plan can be summed up as follows:


1.  To visualise economics as not the only one but one of the important parts of human life;

2.  To ensure that all the social and economic developments must be aimed at safeguarding the health of all individuals, family peace and social order;

3.  To ensure that industrialists do not earn at the cost of labour and consumers

4.  To ensure that the money of the rich is so used as to benefit the common people, and not the vice versa by:

(a) changing the tax structure (imposing assets tax rather than income tax);

(b) giving due representation to small share-holders in policy decisions;

(c) distributing the profits among all those who have contributed in the success of the company; using emergency measures whenever the level of disparity among the rich and the poor exceeds a defined limit;

5.  To guarantee that the susceptibilities and weaknesses of human beings are not misused for commercial purposes:

(a) by banning commercial exploitation of all forms of addiction and sex;

(b) by strengthening the legal system so that exploiters and oppressors find it impossible to continue their activities;

(c) by continuously preaching the need to support the good against the evil;

6.  To ensure that political and legal set-ups promote healthy economics;

7.  To ensure that social values are shaped in accordance with their impact on health and social conditions, and religion plays an effective role in reducing tensions at all levels.


2.3 Theory of Peace


Dr Javed Jamil has a comprehensive view of peace. He does not regard peace as a state of no war or civil war; nor does he limit peace to “internal peace”.  He views peace in totality. He criticises the international UNESCO definition of peace, which is primarily an agenda “to prevent disputes from arising between parties, to prevent existing disputes from escalating into conflicts and to limit the spread of the latter when they occur”… “so that all of the members of society can live in harmonious relations with each other.” He calls it a political definition of peace. This definition of peace is neither all-encompassing, including all that is positive nor all-abandoning excluding all that is negative.” He also critics religious and mystic scholars for whom “tranquillity of mind and soul represent true peace, which is attained through belief in God or gods, through meditation, devotion, self sacrifice and other spiritual exercises ranging from self-appeasing to self-sacrificing.” He also dismisses Leftists for their “sociological definition” of peace, which means nothing but proper distribution of wealth


    In order to achieve Grand Peace, Dr Jamil has proposed an Agenda for a cleaner, healthier and more peaceful world, and he calls the world of his dreams Natural World Order. He pits this against New World Order which is nothing but a system created and promoted by the forces of economic fundamentalism, primarily the corporate world. In order to establish Natural World Order, Dr Jamil proposes a three-dimensional system based on equal emphasis on “Fundamental Rights”, Fundamental Duties and “Fundamental Prohibitions”. The last is what he stresses most, as it is what the Corporate World does abhor. He argues that the practices that kill millions of people, devastate family peace and create chaos at the social level cannot be acceptable in a civilized world. He uses both facts and figures to prove that if practices like alcohol, gambling and uninhibited sex are being commercialized and glorified in the name of liberty and freedom, this is nothing but a ploy of the economic fundamentalists to commercialise human weaknesses for economic gains. He argues that stress on fundamental rights without Fundamental Prohibitions would only lead to diseases, social chaos and family disintegration, and if the true peace has to be achieved, the world will have to give equal stress on rights, duties and prohibitions.


   Dr Jamil also lambastes the current international concept of Human Rights, which he again regards as a ploy of the big bosses of the world to perpetuate their economic and political hold on the world. He proposes “Human Security” as the alternative of Human Rights, and argues that rights without security have absolutely no practical utility in achieving peace in the world. He argues that men, women and children must have full security against crimes, societal tensions and exploitation of all kinds. He condemns those who campaign day and night for human rights but are silent spectators of the rising crimes, commercialization of women and children for sex trade and the killing of millions of foetuses every year in the name of “rights of women”.


2.4 Dynamic Theory of Health


Dr Javed Jamil’s favourite theme of Economic fundamentalism and its dominance in the world affairs also propels him to criticize the current international health policies and philosophy. He argues that the current health policies at the international level are guided by economic fundamentalism; it is not health but economics that dominates. “But to maintain health requires exactly what the economic fundamentalists loathe: discipline in life with plenty of restrictions on activities. The worship of Hygeian is not tolerable for Mammon“Restrictions” and “prohibitions” are words that do not exist in the lexicon of bazaar. Health is also perhaps the most easily recognisable criterion of right and wrong. In the simplest terms, right and wrong can be defined thus: what has a good overall impact on health is good, and what has a bad overall impact on health is bad…..While medical scientists have been perpetually engrossed in efforts to find out the aetiologies and remedies of various health problems, magnates have been relentlessly engaged in popularising whatever suits their interests, irrespective of their impact on human health. And the tragedy is that medical scientists too have lately become mere tools in their hands…. The medical world is not dynamic enough to aggressively push its concerns…. The doctor has proved unequal to the dire challenges of the bazaar. The bazaar has continued to grow. Health has continued to suffer.” He argues that if health is given the status it deserves, there can be no room for smoking, drinking, gambling, promiscuity and prostitution.  Furthermore, family health is being totally neglected.


Dr Jamil has also presented alternative models of family welfare and AIDS Control programme. Obviously these models are in line with his Dynamic theory of health that calls for the “the establishment of a health-protective and promoting family system and a health-protective and promoting social system.” As part of these programmes, he wants a blanket ban on all the ramifications of the commercial sex and promotion of marriage between an adult male and an adult female as the only method of fulfilling sexual aspirations.


2.5 Theory of Physics


Dr Javed Jamil has shown his extraordinary thinking prowess in criticising the current theory of Physics and presenting a revolutionary theory, the Universal Theory of Relativity. He says that the current understanding of Physics abysmally fails to explain the universe we are living in. He writes that the picture of the universe the current theory of Physics presents is gloomy:


The universe viewed in the light of General Theory of Relativity and Big Bang Cosmology is a passive, clumsily stark looking collection of individual groups of matter. Quantum Mechanics makes it even more shambolic by shrouding it in the dark clouds of uncertainties. The universe itself appears to have hardly any dynamic existence. It seems to be a universe, which was in a highly excited state at the time of Big Bang, but has since then lost its virility; it has willy-nilly bequeathed all its properties to the material that it contains without retaining anything for itself. The sphere of the universe itself continues to expand without anything adding to it except an increasing emptiness in space. It is becoming more and more hollowed with the ticking of the clock; its hollowness is making the components of the world strangers to one another with every passing moment of time, because galaxies are falling apart from one another. The distance between all the parts of the universe is growing but the vehicle of communication available to them is limping with the same old velocity. The space is continuously growing, and growing fast; where it is coming from, nobody knows. The expansion of the universe is not expanding its wealth, resources and means; the communication is getting harder, the overall density is declining and the matter is huddling into ghettos. God has either been banished to a place from where He cannot regulate or control it, or has been converted into a nominal Head of a defunct State soon after the first tiny fraction of the second of the beginning of the creation. Even if He is there, He cannot play any discernible role”




3. Jamil’s Islamic thought: Applied Islamics


Dr Javed Jamil’s unshakeable faith in Quran as the Book of God has led him to develop Applied Islamics as a full-fledged discipline of Islamic Studies. Applied Islamics aims to study the current developments in social as well as scientific fields, campaigns and movements in the light of Islamic principles and present alternative Islamic models and programmes. He does not study Islam from the point of view of the modern developments but instead analyses modern developments in the light of Islamic principles. Even the works that are not apparently related to Islam are inspired by Islamic principles. He believes that Islam is for the whole world and the whole mankind must avail the benefits of Islam. He asserts that Muslims must take a lead in fighting against the evils that are pervading society. In his books he has been presenting alternative agenda for a healthier, cleaner and more peaceful world, obviously based on Islamic principles. In the process, he has demolished many of the current theories in the field of health, physics and economics.



4. Social Activist



Dr Javed Jamil has been actively involved with a number of national programmes on education, health and communal harmony. He is the founding Director of an NGO named PEACE. PEACE has organised several national and district level seminars and workshops on various issues of national importance. He has worked in collaboration with Govt of India and SIFPSA/USAIDS for several projects on Health and family welfare. He is known for his debating skills and is a charmer with his speeches. He has delivered hundreds of lectures at all levels right from the universities to rural areas. At the time of communal riots in Saharanpur, he organised several relief camps and was actively engaged in promotion of peace and communal harmony. He has also been an active member of Indian Medical association.


Few people know that Dr. Javed Jamil was the first man to organize a big demonstration in Saharanpur against the Supreme Court verdict on Shah Bano case. He was 0nly 24 at that time. It was only later that others took the issue that ultimately became one of the most successful campaigns by Muslims in the history of Independent India. Despite his professional engagements, he has always been on the front in several campaigns. In 1985, he started “Dakhla lo” (take admission) campaign in Muslim localities. He visited more than 250 villages of District Saharanpur and delivered lectures on Health and educational issues. He organized more than 25 special workshops of religious leaders like Ulama, Imams, Huffazs, etc to sensitise them about the health, family and educational issues. He was the first General Secretary of Saharanpur unit of Milli Council when it was founded.. He has also been a regular member of UP Rabita Committee. When the dispute broke down between the two factions of Madrasa Mazahir Uloom, first he tried to bring unity, but when one faction used the district machinery to capture one part of the Madrasa Building, he was chosen Chairman of Majlis-Tahaffuz and he successfully stalled the march of the detractors. He was also closely associated with Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi Sahib in the 50 year of Independence Karawaan.


Dr. Jamil is presently acting as an ideologue and inspires people and the religious, social and political organisations with his thought provocative analyses and views on the current global, national and community issues. In the last Parliamentary elections in India, he released a Muslim Agenda for the elections spelling out Muslim perspective of the national scene and Muslim demands. He insisted that the agenda should be popularised so that the political parties take notice of it and revise their policies accordingly.


Dr Jamil’s ambition of the life, is to establish an international institute of Applied Islamics, which will focus on researches related to the study of modern developments in the light of Islamic principles, application of Islamic thoughts in various fields (both scientific and social) and development of alternative Islamic paradigms for the mankind.



5. Dr Javed Jamil, the Poet


Dr Jamil is also a poet of Urdu and has composed several hundreds of ghazals. The first collection of his ghazals, “Rahguzar” was published by Fakhruddin Memorial Committee, an organisation of the Govt of UP. Another collection of his ghazals is expected to appear soon. Despite his extraordinary capabilities as a poet, he is lesser known in this field because of his decision not to attend Mushairas on account of his other engagements that he regards as more important. His poetry is as inspiring and often as aggressive as his prose. At times, the thinker Javed is at his best in poetry as well. But there are occasions when he gets as romantic as any normal poet can be. The following link provides access to more than 200 Ghazals by Dr. Jamil.


Here are some more links giving creative presentations of his Ghazals on certain urdu forums:

Some of his ghazals and shairs are being reproduced here to give the readers an idea of his poetic strength: